Why is Power Important to Cycle Training?

Every professional cyclist now uses a power meter. But why and how does this related to non-professional athletes? Power Meters are a key tool in training and help track how hard you are pushing your body. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our body will find ways to save energy and not achieve the workout we are hoping for! Power meters help to make sure we’re training at the right intensities (by measuring our efforts in watts) to make sure there is improvement and our goals are reached!

You might be asking, what about heart rate monitors? Those are still great tools for training, but they are very subjective. In the past, most athletes did not believe that training started until their heart rate got to a certain level. Power meters helped prove there is more to training than just a persons heart rate. We all know there is more to your workout, there is cardiac drift, or the effects of diet, sleep, temperature, or stress! These factors can make the difference between you having a good or great workout!

It can take a little bit for your heart to react to the hard work your body is expending when your first start your work out. So how do you know if you are doing the right intensity if your heart rate is a few beats behind at first? Power meters take that out of the equation as it tells you precisely whether or not you are at the appropriate intensity.   Power meters allow you to gauge the most efficient and performance-driven workout. If you know your optimal target power, then no matter the conditions, you will be where you need to be. That is why elite athletes use them, as they can be the best indicator of increase in performance and fitness.

Power meters can be expensive for normal road bikes, but luckily you have us! We have extremely accurate power meters on our bikes that allow you to take advantage of this powerful technology while also taking advantage the programming and training knowledge of our trainers and coaches. With all of these tools in your pocket, you are sure to see a difference in the way you train and how quickly you are able to achieve your goals!

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