Losing Weight When Things Kind of Suck


Okay.  So here it goes… I am going to put it out there in hopes that it will inspire people when things go pear-shaped in their lives and find it difficult to continue with their weight loss endeavors.

In order to do this, I need to make a confession of my own. I am a personal trainer and own my own training studio and yet I have managed to gain 8 pounds in the last year.  Most people would look at me and say you don’t look like you have gained much weight but I can feel it in my clothes (some of which I can no longer wear) and in my fitness level. I am someone who should know better.  I have the tools and the skill to keep my weight in check.

The truth is I have had a very difficult two years when it comes to stress and out-of-the-ordinary events happening.   I have been the sole caregiver to two grandmothers, one of which passed away awhile ago.  I also have had the stress of my landlord for my studio not renewing my contract because he wanted to sell the property but not telling me until the last-minute.  This has caused various stressors in trying to find a property, having those properties fall through and dealing with city permitting and inefficiencies.  In addition, there have been some family stressors and health stressors.  Add in weight gain from peri-menopause, knee surgery and other medical issue like plantar fasciitis and I have not had a break for the past two years.

I have watched people struggle for years with weight loss and seen so many things get in their way.  I myself, years ago, lost 60 pounds before I decided to do this for a living.  However, I was blessed, as the worst that happened to me is plantar fasciitis and a few knee issues that I was able to push through.  I find myself in a different position now and realize I have to take control, or I will keep gaining weight. I tell people that there is always something making it difficult to lose weight and that they need to push through.  Well I have to walk the walk not just talk the talk.  So here I am.  That is what I am going to do.

Unfortunately, my stressors in life are not going to go away anytime soon in the next six months, so I have a choice, either start taking care of myself or end up with consequences in my own health and body that I will probably regret in another year’s time.  So I have chosen to take care of myself.  And I am going to use this blog to help me commit to these challenges.  But I am hoping that my struggle will give you motivation to do the same.  So today will be my first day to start and I hope to move forward from here.

So here is where I start. This is my situation right now.  I have a grandmother I recently had to put into assisted living as she requires a ton of medication that she is no longer able to keep track of.  She lives in a different state than I do and has no desire to leave.  So I needed to figure out a way that she can stay in assisted living for as long as possible.  She is in her nineties.  I do not have many direct relatives who can help or that want to so this has to be done by myself and one distant family member, which is pretty stressful.  I am constantly dealing with health issues and bills for her.   I also have some of my own private life-changing family issues that will be coming up in the next couple months.

I had planned to open a new spinning studio, but slimy commercial property owners, the small viable commercial property stock on the market and the new parking regulations by the city have pretty much squashed that dream for now.  I have learned a lot about the commercial real estate business and most have not been good. Unfortunately, I have also had to give up a very serious dream that I have had for years because of it, which is a bit soul-destroying.

I will also be moving into a new studio which is positive, but I will be dealing with contractors, moving, new marketing and a smaller studio to work with.  I am sure this will add to the stress.  I haven’t had much of a break in the last few years and it will be at a while before things may die down more.

Finally, I am dealing with knee problems that I am undergoing physical therapy for and plantar fasciitis.  To say the least, I have many of the stressors that make it difficult to lose weight.  So I am putting it all out there and hopefully you can see that despite stressors going on, weight loss is still achievable.

MY HEALTH GOAL FOR TODAY:  This week I was diagnosed with strep, sinus infection and bronchitis.  So I cannot exercise.  I am feeling a bit down.  But I am determined to not let that mood get in the way of eating healthy.  So that is my plan.. to eat healthy until my sickness goes away.  WISH ME LUCK!


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