Being Mindful in the Moment with Food and Life

So many of are so busy answering the next phone call,  that we hardly see what is going on around us.  Yesterday, I watched a couple of ladies at my local Starbucks interacting and I wanted to share the story.  They apparently were friends who hadn’t seen each other for a while.  They were catching up on stories.  One of the ladies (we’ll call her Joan for ease) was telling the story of how her father died from cancer recently.  During this conversation, the other lady (Brenda) received phone calls several times.  Joan seemed like she was in a lot of pain during this story but kept getting interrupted by Brenda and her phone.  Eventually Joan gave up with the story and Brenda seemed to forget due to so many phone calls coming in.  I looked at Joan and I could see her disappointment in her eyes and how quiet she became after she gave up.  It was a person reaching out for a friend and being rejected.  Think of how unimportant Joan probably felt in that moment.

Brenda talked about how she ate all her muffin and coffee without even thinking or enjoying it.  It was because she was on the phone and not focusing on what she was doing.  How many of us have done this?  Sat in front of the TV and realized we ate that piece of chocolate without enjoying it?  Next thing we know, we are eating more because we didn’t get that sensation that we wanted.

Being happy and content means living in the moment.  Not planning for the next coffee shop meeting, not ordering another muffin because we didn’t remember eating the other, not participating in conversations with our friends because we are too busy planning our day in our heads.  How many of us miss out on meaningful conversations with friends and family because we “can’t” miss that next phone call.  Life is about relationships and yet we seem to forget how to be in them.  Try listening whole-heartedly today.  Don’t think of the story that is most like the person you are talking to and wait to tell it.  LISTEN to the person.  When was the last time you were quiet during a conversation?  Try it.

Take a moment out today and be in the moment with your food.  Don’t shuffle it down as you are sitting on the computer or watching television.  Be in the moment.  Find a table to sit at and quietly eat.  Take a piece of chocolate and ponder the following:

  1. Look at the chocolates shape.
  2. What color is the chocolate?
  3. What does the chocolate smell like?
  4. What does it feel like in on the tongue?
  5. What is its texture?
  6. Does it melt in the mouth?

Try this and you will find that it will be the best piece of chocolate you have had in a while.  Sometimes we forget to be in the moment with our food.  We forget to be mindful of our food.  The more mindful we are of our food, the more we enjoy the experience and the more content we are with a smaller amount.

Mindfulness is important in every aspect of our lives.  Being the moment can help reduce stress, create better relationships and promote well-being.  Take some time out today and be in the moment.


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